Trish Squire-Rogers                Katie Rappel

Spectrum Dance was co-founded by Trish Squire-Rogers and Katie Rappel in 2008. The inspiration and focus was to provide a challenging, creative, and motivating dance institution where current industry professionals are the teachers and mentors to the next generation. As the name “spectrum” suggests we offer a broad range of varied but related dance and performance subjects, the features of which overlap. The outcome being that Spectrum Dance students will become highly versatile performers to ensure a maximum longevity in their chosen career.

What differentiates Spectrum Dance from other institutions is three-fold. Firstly, all members of the Spectrum Dance teaching faculty are working in the industry. We believe that this is crucial for student engagement, for current skills, and for ensuring that the training in the studios is relevant to the industry. Secondly, we offer our students the opportunity to excel through specialised teaching techniques, focusing on individual student development. Spectrum students receive an individually tailored curriculum to achieve advanced performance techniques in all facets of dance, singing and acting – in other words “the triple threat”. Finally Spectrum Dance provides opportunities for our students to engage in the entertainment industry (Industry Based Learning) placing our students at the forefront of their peers.

Since 2011 Spectrum has offered nationally accredited dance CUA30113 Certificate III in Dance, CUA40113 Certificate IV in Dance, CUA50113 Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance) and musical theatre courses CUA50213 Diploma of Musical Theatre which have been tailored to meet the needs of our students, which is not merely compliant with national standards, but exceeds institutional expectations. Trish and Katie work closely with their faculty of highly acclaimed dancers, choreographers and instructors to deliver the most outstanding accredited full time dance course within Australia. Trish and Katie have created a caring and challenging environment allowing students to achieve their highest potential in dancing, singing and acting. Upon graduation students are fully equipped with the triple threat factor.